Life & Music

I love music. It can invoke any number of feelings and can hold such power. I love nothing more when I connect with a song and hit the replay button again, and again until I know every lyric and can belt it out in the car like an absolute rockstar.

So this got me thinking about the mechanical basics of a song which are melody, harmony, rhythm & tempo. From there I wondered what the mechanical basics of my life were...and I wondered what my song would look like written down. So here is what I came up with:
What I was once too scared to speak aloud, is now my own beautiful and perfectly imperfect language. This is the language of my life – this is my melody.
Where I was once so unsure and uncertain of myself, I’ve now become a courageously vulnerable vibration of beautifully positive power which surges through every vein and every breath, every heartbeat – this is my harmony.
Where I once conformed to societies expected norms in order to fit the mould, I now listen to the beat of my own dreams and desires to live my life: wildly vivacious, playful and with purpose – this is my rhythm. •
Where I once called myself an introvert, I now see myself as an introverted extrovert with just the right amount of expressive sass and stirring soul injected into my life – this is my tempo.