Self Portrait 2

I’m Deb – lover of Rosé, cheese platters, old school vinyls and flowers. I’m also a Francophile, dreamer, and proud plant mum and am passionate about all things writing and photography and I love to tell stories through my lens.

In such an uncertain time in our worlds history, now was probably not the most ideal time to launch a business on the side, but it is for that exact reason that I’ve decided there’s no time like the present. In many ways, what this year has taught a lot of us, is that there is uncertainty around every corner and we must do what makes our hearts sing where possible.

I am very blessed in that this massively inconvenient year has helped me to clarify my goals not just for now, but also for future Deb. So, here I am doing the damn thing.

I am launching my photography business and writing my first book, whilst working my usual 9-5, all the while I’m saving up for a deposit to buy a patch of land and a home to call my own with hopes of one day also running a successful multifaceted studio & shop selling plants, vinyls, flowers, and beautiful photography and art. I’m also currently a single gal – so I’ll be doing this on my own as well.

Is it a lot? Yes. Am I an overachiever much? Sure.

Will it be hard? Absolutely. Can I do this? You bet your ass I can.

What I’ve found so far in my quest to pursue this goal is that there are infinite amounts of information out there, and it’s hard to drill down to find what aligns with my particular situation. So, in true Deb form, I’m going to write about how I navigate not only achieving all of my goals, but living a life of curiosity, gratitude, purpose, contentment and fulfillment. I hope in some ways this will become somewhat of a resource centre for other people in a similar situation to me.

So if you love photography, writing, plants, food, flowers, music, travel, all things French and all things lifestyle and achieving your goals, then this is the website for you.

Until next time,