Botanical Photography

Botanical Photography

This collection of botanical photography captured by photographer Debbie Newton of the Lens & Muse creative studio located in Australia.

After years spent exploring and capturing some of the incredibly diverse landscapes that Tasmania had to offer, she continued documenting her love of the flora that existed within those landscapes.  After visiting the Table Cape Tulip Farm in Tasmania’s northwest region, she became enamoured with all things floral, and her desire to capture botanical images became the driving force behind her dream to start her print photography business.

An avid “plant mum”, Debbie’s collection of indoor plants continues to grow and her botanical print collection has bloomed to extend beyond just flowers, and now also includes plant imagery also.

She continues to be inspired by the natural world, you can find more examples of her landscape images here and you can also find travel guides for The Great Eastern Drive & Cradle Mountain over on her portfolio page.

You can find more behind the scenes on Instagram and Pinterest.

Petite Fleur 1 Floral Print Collection
Paper Daisy Floral Photography
Petite Fleur 2 Floral Print Collection
Paper Daisy Floral Image
Paper Daisy Floral Photography
Poppies Floral Photography
Floral photograph of a pink rose with raindrops
Botanical photograph of a green palm leaves
Botanical photography image of raindrops on green leaves
Floral photograph of pink tulips