Australian Sand Dunes Project

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Australian Sand Dunes Project

What is the Australian Sand Dunes Project? 

The ASD is a visual experience capturing the striking beauty of Australia’s vast desert and coastal dune landscapes through the medium of photography and videography. 


Why did I choose sand dunes as the subject of my Australian landscape photography project? 

I believe wholeheartedly in the power and reverence of storytelling through photography, writing and film.  I am endlessly inspired by the diverse landscapes that I have the privilege to experience, and I’m passionate about combining my love of the natural world with my creative pursuits.   Walking amongst the sand dunes located on the Worimi Conservation Lands in 2022, I felt an incredible sense of awe and wonder for these masses of ever-shifting sands.  With undulating sand dunes as far as the eye could see, there was something so ethereal,  surreal and otherworldly about this landscape.  The ever-changing kaleidoscope of sweeping curves, textures, unique patterns, colours and the dynamism of light and shadow provided a visual feast for my eyes and my camera, and the experiences was unlike anything I’d connected to before.


What is the purpose of the project?

From a creative perspective my aim is to document these moving sand structures and create a multifaceted body of work showcasing the raw beauty and uniqueness of these landscapes and their diversity in relation to their geographical location.

From an environmental perspective, I hope to learn more about the significance of sand dunes: how they are created, their purpose and to learn more about the ecological habitats and animals, reptiles and insects that inhabit them and how the changing climate impacts these landscapes and their inhabitants.

From a conservation perspective, I hope to learn what current conservation practices are in place, to raise awareness about the vital role sand dunes play in the broader protection of our diverse Australian landscapes and the ways in we can experience them with appropriate sustainability practices in place.


When will the project begin?

The project will officially begin in March 2023, with the project to be completed by March 2025.


Where can I keep up to date with your project?

You can find the behind the scenes of this project over on my Instagram page, and you can keep up to date with more in depth articles over on my journal page.  You can also sign up to my monthly newsletters where I’ll provide updates about the Australian Sand Dunes Project.


Work With Me

If you are an Australian eco-tourism operator, accomodation specialist and/or sustainably focused outdoors product based business and you would like to work with me throughout the project, please reach out directly via email at hello@lensandmuse.com, or alternatively, you can send an email via my contact page.  I look forward to chatting with you to find out how we can work together.


Acknowledgement of Country

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I live, learn, work and undertake this project. I pay my respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

Dark Point, Myall Lakes National Park
Australian Sand Dune Landscape Photography
Photograph of Stockton Sand Dunes at sunset
Sand Dunes at Dark Point in Myall Lakes National Park
Australian Sand Dunes Textures
Australian Sand Dunes Textures
Australian Sand Dunes Textures
Photograph of Stockton Sand Dunes at sunset
Photograph of Stockton Sand Dunes at sunset
Photograph of Stockton Sand Dunes at sunset
Stockton sand dunes at sunset
Camels walking at sunset by the sand dunes

About The Photographer

Deb is an Australian photographer from Newcastle, NSW, and she is passionate about exploring and documenting the natural and built world with creative curiosity and camera in hand.

Commercially, she photographs accomodation, eco-tourism travel service providers and sustainable outdoor product based businesses Australia-wide to create bespoke, impactful image galleries to connect with those inspired by environmentally focused travel, adventure and lifestyle.

You can find travel and photography guides here, and you can find more of her work over on her Instagram and Pinterest pages.