2023 Upcoming Market Dates

2023 Upcoming Market Dates

Below you’ll find the 2023 upcoming market dates for Lens & Muse.

Deb Newton, photographer and founder of Lens & Muse, proudly showcases her personal photography projects including fine art landscape, botanical contemporary still life and drone photography as well as showcasing prints from her Australian Sand Dunes Project.

For any photography commissions, or, if there is a print that you would like to order and have available for pick up at any of the market dates listed below, please get in touch with Deb by sending your enquiry here.

April 2023

Olive Tree Market 

When: TBA

Time: 9am – 2pm

Where: Civic Park, Corner of King & Darby Streets, Newcastle

About The Photographer

Deb is an Australian photographer from Newcastle, NSW, and she is passionate about exploring and documenting the natural and built world with creative curiosity and camera in hand.

Commercially, she photographs accomodation, eco-tourism travel service providers and sustainable outdoor product based businesses Australia-wide to create bespoke, impactful image galleries to connect with those inspired by environmentally focused travel, adventure and lifestyle.

You can find travel and photography guides here, and you can find more of her work over on her Instagram and Pinterest pages.