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Hello hello from lockdown! If like me you’re currently in lockdown and your looking for some ideas on how to update your small space with some interior styling then read on.

I’m currently at home on my own, and as busy as I am with my photography business and my part-time job, it can be a little like groundhog day.  So I decided to utilise my interior styling skills and update a little corner of my home, and here’s how it turned out.

So, why only a little corner?  Well, I set myself a brief knowing that there are A LOT of people out there in lockdown land who simply just do not have large expansive areas in their homes to re-style, and more than that, with people being unable to go to work, money may be getting directed to more important things like groceries and general living expenses leaving not a lot left over to do a spot of online shopping.

The brief: update a small corner of a room in my home using only what I have around the house and in the garden.


Interior styling for small spaces: blank canvas

So here is the small corner of the dining/living area. It’s the perfect blank canvas to create with.

I started by building some interest on the wall and the roll-away box by hanging my Paper Daisies on Tan print in A4 size on the wall and resting my other print Tangerine Dream which is an A1 size against the wall.  Having different sized prints places close to each other makes the space look really dynamic and interesting to look at.

From there, I then decided to create a vignette using some books I own and topping it off with a vintage Brownie camera I own for a bit of interest.

Interior styling for small spaces: vignette

I also utilised some indoor plants I own and the flowers I have kept from last week so that I could evoke that sense of bringing the outside world in infusing some natural beauty to the space.

Interior styling for small spaces: large plants   Interior styling for small spaces: flowers   Interior styling for small spaces: small plants

Having just a couple of different elements at different heights keeps the space looking interesting but not cluttered.

Then it was onto the table setting.  I used a chair and table setting from the front porch and brought them inside and positioned them near the window.  I had a piece of 1x1m linen material I’d picked up from Spotlight that I’d initially used as a photography backdrop and more recently use as a picnic blanket for my backyard lunchtime lockdown picnics and used it as a table cloth for the table.  From there, I decorated the table with green glasses, champagne coupe glasses, plates, knives and forks all from the kitchen and used a candle holder prop with a beautiful thin tapered candlestick to add some height to the table.  I used some serviettes from Le Weekend and decorated those with sprigs of rosemary from the garden.

Interior styling for small spaces: table styling   Interior styling for small spaces: close up table styling   Interior styling for small spaces: more table styling

Et voila! A little pocket of my home has been turned into something beautiful that brings me joy.

Don’t forget to have fun with it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be whatever you want it to be.

For more behind the scenes to watch me set this all up or to watch a catchy before and after – head on over to my Instagram page and check out my stories and reels.  Otherwise, be sure to sign up to my email list and I’ll deliver these little styling articles straight to your inbox.

With love and flowers,

Deb x


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