A Beginners Guide To Product Photography: Equipment

This article is a quick beginners guide to product photography equipment and what you’ll need to get started on your product photography journey.

There is so much information out there these days when it comes to photography of any kind, but particularly product photography.

It’s a fabulous way to create, it’s a wonderful way to make an income, and now more than ever, in such a digital age it has never been more important for product based businesses to have images that make an impact, look professional, capture the attention of their customers and perhaps most important help to sell the product.

I have not always been a product photographer.  Initially my heart belonged to landscape photography and truth be told I will always hold a special place in my heart for capturing landscapes and textures of the earth. I then wanted to move beyond that to explore other photography genres: portrait, weddings, travel, you name it, I tried my hand at it.  Eventually I would land on floral photography and product photography and both genres provide me with income and way to create with joy and purpose.  If you would like to know about my photography journey in more detail, then head on over to this article.

When I started my journey in photography I started with the basics: a Canon 1300D with a kit lens and Adobe Lightroom.  As I have moved through my photography journey and as I have come to now focus primarily on product photography, I undertook a lot of research so that I could make intelligent decisions around what equipment and software I would need to purchase to take my product photography from good to professional.  So below is the list of equipment and software I use for my product photography:

This is certainly not a definitive list, and your decisions around your equipment and software choices will depend on the type of product photography work you do, but my hope is that this guide to product photography equipment and what you’ll need to get started on your product photography journey has helped to get you started on things you might like to start looking out for when it comes to building your own photography kit.

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