A Beginners Guide To Post-Production for Product Photography Shoots

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Post production for product photography is just as important as pre-production and production itself.

So you’ve completed the photo shoot…..now what?  Now we’re at the business end of the process.  This is where you finalise your deliverables and send them off to your client.

In this article I’ll give you my tips on post production for product photography.


  • Final edits

This is where you’ll want to go over all of the images you plan to deliver to your client with a fine tooth comb.  Get your zoom on in Lightroom and Photoshop and get picky.  Is there some dust? Or if you used food in your shoot is there liquid or remnants of food where there shouldn’t be which could detract from the image?  How about those glorious reflections (note: I hate reflections…..ughhh)?  Get picky and get your editing prowess on – it can transform an image from good to magnificent and is worth the time taken to go through it all.

  • Upload images to the clients gallery with watermarks on them

I cannot stress this enough.  Make sure you have watermarks on your images – it reduces the chances that a client will download the images and not pay you for your images and time.  I’d love to believe that all business owners are honest and have integrity and wouldn’t cheat you out of what you deserve to be paid, but unfortunately there are some people out there who just aren’t very nice, so it’s good to cover yourself as much as possible.

  • Final image check in the client gallery & email the gallery to the client

I sound like a broken record I know, but this is where you’ll want to go through your shot list again and make sure that every image is in the gallery. Once you’ve checked and triple checked, now is the fun/terrifying part – sending the gallery off to the client!

  • Client approval, final payment and removing the watermarks

Yay! The client has approved your gallery and are pumped with your work.  Just a few more things to get through before you celebrate.  Once the client has approved the gallery, confirm via email that once the final payment is received in your account that you’ll then remove the watermarks and they can download the images.  Once final payment is received, remove those pesky watermarks and let the client know that you’ve received the final payment and that watermarks have been removed.

  • Get a testimonial from your client

In the wrap up email about giving thanks for receiving the final payment, and that the watermarks have been removed, I would also add something in the email about requesting a testimonial.  Now this is completely up to the client – I do not endorse being pushy or making the client feel like they have to do that – so if they don’t want to send you a testimonial then that’s okay, and if they do want to send you a testimonial then that’s fantastic.  It’s always good to have social proof that you are actually great at your job and what your deliver.  When you’ve received said testimonial add to your social channels and your website.


So there you have it.  You’ve finalised post-production and it’s time to celebrate your magnificent gallery.

If you liked this post, then please comment below to let me know.  Or if you’re a product photographer, is there something else you have in your post-production checklist that I haven’t covered? Be sure to pop that info in the comments below.

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