Where do you look for inspiration?

Where do you look for inspiration?  If you have trouble trying to find it, I have a radical idea…..look in the mirror…..you are all the inspiration you need.

We spend so much time scrolling for inspiration and getting lost in everyone else’s dreams and what inspires them that we forget what our own dreams look like, and we forget to be inspired by ourselves….you know, that magnificent person that we see reflected back to us in the mirror?

So, today, I encourage you to look at yourself in the mirror, and be inspired by the person looking back at you.

  • Remind yourself of everything you’ve achieved so far and be proud of yourself for that.
  • Remember that you have survived every bad day so far.
  • Remember that you’ve persevered through some tough times and have come out the other side grateful for the lessons it taught and the growth it forced you to experience.
  • Remember the incredible power of self-confidence, self-belief, self-worth and most importantly self-love. Dress up, wear those red lips with confidence, stand tall with pride, practice love, gratitude, honesty, respect and integrity every damn day, be a good human, dance like nobody is watching, tell yourself you love yourself everyday, and embrace all of the parts of you that are so unique and exquisite that you can’t help but be inspired by yourself.
  • Finally, go after your dreams with passion and inspired action knowing that your source of your inspiration always has been and always will be that beautiful reflection you see of yourself in the mirror every morning.

You are truly spectacular and can achieve whatever you set your mind too.

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xo Deb

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