Read this if you’re a procrastinator

Do you really want to launch a passion project but are too stuck in the mindset of procrastination?  Well, read this article if you’re a procrastinator.

When it came to launching my print store I procrastinated for literally almost 7 months. Comparisonitis, perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt…..all of it a melting pot of negative self talk that has held me back for such a long time. So I finally did it. And you know what. I sold one print this week. And I’m so ducking proud of it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you my sales were through the roof. They weren’t. And you know what -I’m okay with that. Why? Because I have a couple of key things in my corner:

  • Absolute self-belief – in myself, in my business, in my desire to succeed, in my quest to pursue a life of a deeply joyful and fulfilling creativity.
  • Gratitude for the fact that I’ve actually launched a print store AND that I’ve sold even one print
  • The only expectation I have is of myself, and it’s simply to put one foot in front inching closer and closer to the life I intend to have.

You listen to any podcast, TED talk, read any interviews of “successful overnight businesses” and they will tell you it took them 5 years to become an “overnight success”.

My business will take time to grow, but my mindset and absolute self-belief are here for it and ready for what’s next.

I’m advertising, I’m selling my prints at markets, I’m up skilling my technique through courses, I’m spending cash on my business like it’s already successful because guess what? It is.

I am successful because I took the steps to go over the precipice of just saying and actually doing. For a recovering procrastinator like myself that is a huge step. And now I’ve done it….I want more. It feels good to finish something I said I dreamed of doing.

I also choose to move forward not identifying as a procrastinator, it’s a term I used to use as an excuse to stop me from following through with anything in case I failed. Now I encourage myself to go after what I want, and if I fail, so be it. Failure breeds growth and lessons that can only elevate us higher if we choose not to see failure as a “bad” thing and if we see it as a positive outcome.

I used to look at other successful business women and think they are so lucky – they aren’t lucky. They simply just did the work. They took the steps, they took the hits and they picked themselves back up and kept going.

Whatever your dream is, it’s already in the palm of your hand. Embody it like it’s already here. Do the work, make the decision to put one foot in front of the other and go after what you want. It is never too late. And if 2020 taught me anything, it’s that there are no guarantees, no second chances….this is it. It is my time to flourish and shine and it’s your time too. You just need absolute faith in yourself. And if you don’t have it right now – know that I have faith in you until you can get to that place yourself.

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xo Deb

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